Great News!

Four years ago, I visited The Oaxaca Learning Center in the city of Oaxaca de Juarez. I was looking for a sunny place to volunteer in my future retirement. The Center provides tutoring for the young people of the Oaxaca region in order that they can stay in school.  Many of the graduates go on to attend university thanks to the program. The funding for the Center comes from a rental apartment and bed and breakfast on the premises.  Guests may volunteer as they wish.

Oaxaca is a fascinating area and I felt truly comfortable in the apartment.  As I was leaving, I asked how I could help.  Gary Titus, the founder of the Center, had just met a young girl, Maria, who had a scholarship to attend the Teaching Program for Native people of Mexico. She is Zapotec and planned to teach in a small village when she graduated.  Unfortunately, she did not have money for living expenses. She required a stipend to pursue her dream. Maria is exceptional. During her four years of teacher training, she has provided me with a progress report every month.  My sister, Janis and I co-sponsor her and we travelled to Oaxaca to meet her.  This morning, when I got my December letter, I was astonished.  Maria has applied for an exchange with the University of Granada in Spain and has been accepted. What a great experience for a young girl from a pueblo in the Sierra Madre del Norte.