January Escapes

January is a great month to curl up with a cozy throw blanket, a cup of tea and a good book. It doesn't need to be great literature. Sometimes a spellbinding mystery is all you need.  My favourite kind have plucky women protagonists and are often set in exotic locales or small villages. I can read out a whole series once I get going.  It's left over from my Nancy Drew days.

Has anyone read the Aimée Leduc series by Cara Black? I started with Murder in Montmartre because I am renting there in March. I continued through the series and visited murder sites in several arrondissements.  The plots get a little farfetched at times but I enjoy the characterization and the settings. If you enjoy Sue Grafton, you would probably enjoy this series.

I am a bookwoman.  I have worked in public libraries,  in school libraries, in a small independent bookstore and for a French book wholesaler. My addiction to reading would explain the series that I am
currently reading:the Miss Zukas series by Jo Dereske. Miss Zukas is a librarian who lives in the mythical town of Bellehaven in Washington State and solves mysteries with the help of a friend, her mother and an elderly aunt. Great for a Sunday afternoon read. Right now, I am reading the final book in the series: Farewell, Miss Zukas.

Does anyone have any other suggestions of mystery series?  What do you like to read during the greyish month of January?


  1. I've read a few of the Cara Black Paris mysteries, although not for a while. Perhaps I should pick one up again. I've just enjoyed one of Martin Walker's Inspector Bruno mysteries, set in the Perigord, and I'll definitely be reading more of these.
    The Miss Zukas series looks pleasant enough, particularly for one interested in books and libraries -- may I presume it's a series of "cozies"? And can I assume you'll have read John Dunning's Bookman novels -- if not, I'd highly recommend those. . .

    1. I enjoyed all of the John Dunning mysteries but there hasn't been a new one for a while. Miss Zukas is a cozy for sure. Have you read the Sicilian detective Montalbano?

    2. Yes! Montalbano's great, although I've only read a few . . . good to have some titles in reserve for when one's favourites take too long to write (as with Dunning!)


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