Natural? Curly

I was born with curly hair.  My mother always reminds me that the nurses combed my hair into marcel
waves. I smoothed, straightened and generally fussed with my curls in my teens. In my twenties, married,with a child and as a full-time student, I let my hair go natural. It was dark, healthy and young.

However, my hair has now been coloured for twenty years and it is definitely thinner, finer and drier. I find it time-consuming to manage my curls naturally. I use sulphate free this and silicon free that.  I scrunch, air-dry and sometimes diffuse. I only see hairdressers who specialize in curly hair.  Hats are my friends. If I get a look that I like, the west coast weather can affect it in no time.

I spent three years with straight hair courtesy of the Brazilian Blowout. It was costly, unhealthy and
warnings about formaldehyde were issued. But it was ever so easy. Planning my two months in Europe
this spring, I am in a quandary:to straighten or to stick to the natural look?