On the Road

Photo taken on the Camino de Santiago
In a few weeks I will be packing my bags and heading off again.  Retirement has provided me with the freedom to travel.  I love the thought of new places and the challenge of creating a  temporary new life in a different city. My next apartment will be in Montmartre. I am anticipating the joy of discoveries: new markets, new bakeries, a French hairdresser, bookstores, small museums and galleries.

Throughout my life, I have yearned for far off lands where the locals speak a different language. I read and studied languages. As a young girl, I wanted to be a foreign correspondent or an interpreter for the United Nations.  Reality intervened and I became an English as a Second Language Teacher and a librarian in a French Immersion School. I live in an apartment about 2k from my mother and my daughter. I taught in the school district that I attended as a child. Forty years ago, I did not know how to make my dreams come true but I enjoyed the path that my life has taken. Non, je ne regrette rien. What were your childhood dreams? How were those dreams incorporated into your life? Are we ever too old to have new dreams?


  1. How fabulous that apartment looks -- I love that area and would love a chance to get to know the neighbourhood better.
    The questions you pose are too big for me to try answering here, right now, but I'll carry them away with me . . . thank you!


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