Almost Invisible Monday

Fading into the sofa
I am really not used to being photographed.  This was the best of 10 tries.  Our apartment is east facing so lighting is a problem. I am really a warm colour person.  My clothing and obviously my décor clearly indicate this.  I like spirals, paisley and soft lines best. I bought this necklace at the Renée Taylor Gallery in Sedona, Arizona.  It is made by women in South Africa of copper and bronze and is a Fair Trade piece
I love spirals and soft lines.
Chanel is my favourite line of makeup but I am addicted to Bohemian Gold eyeshadow by Nars. I like to use the Chanel eyeliner pencil Khaki Doré on my eyes and Lise Watier mascara. Right now, I like the faint sheen of Biarritz by Chanel on my lips. I use Précision tinted moisturizer on my face for a bit of protection.
Makeup for my daytime look
I really love comfortable shoes.  There are so many beautiful Spanish and French shoes that they are hard to resist.  I like my feet planted firmly on the ground   (well sort of) so high heels are really not my thing.

Fashion has always interested me as an exercise in combining different elements to create an individual style. Looking at the Visible Monday page, each woman is presenting herself to the world in her own fashion.

New shoes from Lord's Shoes' sale


  1. Those are very cool shoes! Lighting is the toughest part of photography. It's so easy to get washed out by the flash indoors. The warmth of your coloring really comes through in that top picture, and the colors in the sweater are lovely on you!

  2. And those shoes will soon be walking les rues de Paris. Lucky shoes!
    You look perfect in those colours -- so brave of you to join the Visible Monday crowd -- and it didn't hurt at all, did it?! ;-)

  3. Ah ... here you are. (See your post for the 21st ... I confuse easily!)
    You look far too young to be retired, and your photo and outfit choices are appealing. Glad to see you here.


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