Blogging 101

I have been writing this blog for a month now. My years of teaching are reflected in my approach to blogging.  Continuous progress and self assessment are important to me. As I am retired, I have the time
to write every day.  My goal is to write four or five paragraphs that are clearly written and interesting.
My topic could be fashion, travel, or some random personal reflection on day-to-day living.

"SMART goals" are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time framed. Losing 3 pounds before I go to Paris in 3 weeks is a "smart goal".  Losing 30 pounds isn't. My page view  statistics can provide me with some feedback but as a new blogger, I am only beginning to build a following. Some day's topics will attract more readers than others. My musings are a reflection of me and so could range from a favourite lipstick to the meaning of life.  That's who I am.

I have been reading blogs for about 8 months and I now have a list of blogs that I follow daily. I look forward to visiting the hostessmaterfamiliasla duchesse, and déjà pseu. While there are thousands of blogs out there, something about these women resonates with me. It is more than good writing, attractive layout, great photos and 3 or 4 years of blogging experience that draws me to read these blogs. It is the ability of each of these bloggers to create a sense of connection and community through 
writing about day-to-day activities.

At this stage, I struggle with layout.  Using the basic template, do I want to add this gadget or that? How do I import this photo from a webarchive format or should I take my own photo? M. Là-bas laughs when he sees me setting up my table or laying clothing on the bed to photograph. Like many others who struggle with some insecurity, I have a hard time with photos of myself. I never seem to look "just right." I'm sure that these technical issues will disappear with experience.

My mother asked me why numbers or comments were important to me.  While I am writing for myself, I am also writing to participate in a community. As I said earlier, my goal is to write about interests, ideas, fashion or even mundane things ( in the best "mondaine" sense of the word) in a manner that "strikes a chord" with some readers some days.

Since I have been writing this blog, I have been more reflective about my daily living. It is almost like living some days twice. There is the "living" part and the "writing about it "part. Being me, I always wonder about something. That's really not just my writing style. Think about how literary "letter writers" like Madame de Sevigné reflect the ideas and lifestyles of their  times.  Do you think that some future readers will read blogs of the twenty-first century to better understand our times? If you travel to Paris, be sure to visit the Musée Carnavalet in the Marais. Access to the permanent collection and the beautiful gardens is free to all.


  1. Dear Madame! Thank you for your thoughtful blog. My own interests often involve watching my own processes. I'm always interested in the journey far more than the destination. The result is that I often lose interest in a using a skill when I achieve unconscious competence!
    Seriously, I hope you keep writing, and am glad you turned up at Visible Monday. Keep at it. These women will respond.

  2. Thank you so much for the nod to my blog. I suspect that you will quickly build a readership for your thoughtful and engaging writing and your ability to convey a real sense of yourself and interests in an honest yet never narcissistic fashion. I, too, read blogs as much for a sense of connection as for content -- and the sense of reading a person I'd like to meet is what draws me back.
    I love the link you make between the mundane and the "mondaine" -- for me the quotidian domestic is worthy of our view, but I like to lift my head up beyond it as well . . . .continue, please!

  3. Thank you for the mention Madame!
    Your blogging enthusiasm and dedication is admirable.
    As far as personal photos go it took me quite awhile to show my face and even now I am a bit shy...
    your writing has a lovely voice and the topics are interesting.
    As you get more comfortable uploading photos to your blog you'll probably make an appearance now and then!
    Please keep writing and when you are in Paris take us along.

  4. I like a thoughtful blog, and enjoyed reading your thoughts on your new blog. I hope you continue to enjoy this new venture!


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