Laurie Colwin

I am visiting my books in boxes these days.  Before I retired, we renovated and redecorated our 40 year old apartment.  Monsieur wanted me to part with my books but there were some (several Rubbermaid bins full) that I knew I would spend time with in retirement.

Did anyone read Laurie Colwin in the 1980's?  She was an American author who wrote novels, short stories and cookbooks.  Much of the charm of her work lay in the details of quotidian life. She coined a term "domestic sensualist." I own The Lone Pilgrim, Happy all the Time and Another Marvellous Thing  and  I borrowed her nonfiction books from the library. I enjoyed the warmth and humour of Colwin's writing. Unfortunately, Laurie Colwin died in her sleep when she was only 48.  I did some research and found that I am not the only reader who recalls Colwin's  works fondly. I found interesting articles about Colwin's writing:
The New Homemaker
Apartment Therapy
The Kitchn
Although Laurie Colwin has been  dead for twenty years, it seems that her books are still cherished by many. When I enjoyed the books long ago, there was no online community of readers with whom to share my delight. Rereading our books can be like visiting long lost friends. What books have you kept to reread?
What books have brought you pleasure a second time?
Laurie Colwin


  1. Loved these books! I felt like the characters from Laurie's books were like my friends!

  2. thank you for the recommendation, always looking out for new cookbooks


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