My Funny Valentine

My funny Valentine, Monsieur Là-bas, is a goofy kind of guy. He balances my tendency to be " over-earnest and to think too much". While I am the "good girl", he is the "naughty boy". The Là-bas" name came from his high school French teacher who was constantly trying to get the boy in the corner to pay attention. I have been that French teacher and I often shake my head when Monsieur seems to not have heard a thing that I said.  I also talk a lot.

Monsieur, on the other hand, is very kind.  He will be spending his Valentine's afternoon singing at the Care Home where his 93 year old mother lives.  Singing with the elderly is one of Monsieur's retirement activities.  My dad's last year in Extended Care was brightened by Friday pub afternoon when Brian and Jim, his friend, came to sing.  Tonight, he invited my mum to come to dinner with us because it is her first Valentine's as a widow.

Monsieur and I have not spent our entire lives together. We spent 9 years living apart when my daughter was young, 9 years cohabiting and have been married 9 years. My days have never been dull.

Monsieur Là-bas,  je t'aime.