Not Dead Yet

Women of are certain age often complain about becoming invisible. All we get is a courteous "m'am" from gas station attendants and grocery store checkers.  Not so in Paris.  Case in point "the amorous grocer" in my quartier last year.

The first time that I visited l'épicerie, the grocer declared my accent "charmant" and confessed that he was fond of Canadians. This grocery was not my usual grocery but was on my way home from my classes. The second time that I visited, the grocer followed me through the store and kissed me on both cheeks. After that, I sent each of my visiting friends to his store for groceries and a little bit of gallic charm.

At my local street market, there was the Lebanese traiteur. Good-looking older man who always put a little extra in my order "pour le plaisir."  I visited his stall every market day and introduced all of my contingent of Canadian visitors. He introduced us to his son who had studied business in America.

The woman of "a certain age" is not invisible in Paris. Neither I nor any of my visitors were likely to succumb to the charms of the neighbourhood merchants but it was flattering to us and didn't hurt their business at all.

The gallic charm is sincere. Good-looking men of "a certain age" notice women of the same age.  The charming French men are probably married with grandchildren but that has nothing to do with it.  Being alone in my travelling life, I'm never sure what it all means but it does make life more interesting.
I love theNot Dead Yet Visible Monday for helping us all to become more visible.

But I'm married!


  1. Thank you for sharing this, we are certainly not meant to be invisible! You have a lovely blog, and thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.


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