Now is the Winter of Our Discontent

Cannery Row, Monterey, California
Monsieur and I are retired together in our 950 square foot apartment.  The weather is grey and we are at our respective computers:me, doing research and pondering blog topics and monsieur, doing something or other. At times, this retirement togetherness is too much of a good thing.

I am a domestic, family-oriented person who enjoys reading and writing, watching "quiet little movies"
and puttering about.  Monsieur doesn't read fiction, watches action movies and is not the least bit interested in household tasks. I am small and curvy and so prefer to eat salads, veggies and fish.  Monsieur devours chips and cookies, two things that I never eat.  I prefer quiet a lot of the time.  Have you ever listened to nonstop Sports Talk radio? So, here we are living the week-end that never ends.

Are older men and women meant to share a cave?  We are very different in our tastes and activities.  Monsieur and I have no children or grandchildren together. Although we have lived together for 18 years, our home  reflects more of me than of my husband because I enjoy collecting, decorating and caring for the nest. Monsieur finds belongings difficult to manage and care for. He has a box of cords and some giant black amplifiers for his music.

Wine-tasting and golfing holiday in October
Fortunately, we love each other in spite of it all and joke and laugh at what seem to be our irreconcilable differences. He calls them "alternate universes". In two weeks, I will travel to Europe for 10 weeks and when I return, the weather will no longer be grey.  Monsieur will be renting a small studio where he can practise his music  and will be golfing and hiking. We will be planning our "together" holiday for the fall. The grey time will have passed.

Swimming with the dolphins