One Month Ago

One month ago, my father died. The first week, we wrote an obituary,visited the funeral home, arranged a venue for a Celebration of Life, and collaborated on a program. We cried, argued, accepted and loved. All of his four children visited old memories, some personal, some shared, all a little bit different. For my mother, it was the loss of her life partner.  She no longer had anyone to "run things by." Her adult life, as she had known it, changed.

After the first week, the rest of us resumed our "normal" activities.  Some of us are retired, others work.
Mum is looking for volunteer work to fill the time now that she does not spend three days a week at the Extended Care Unit. We visit her more often and try to help her to feel more comfortable. Our family goes on without my Dad. Sometimes I stop and think,"It's less than a month."

I guess it's a reminder to keep in touch and keep loving our families while we have them.