I bought the Quimper fish platter on my first trip to France in 1987. It connected me with Ron and Sue Ramage at the Quimper Inn in Port Townsend
In my home, I often use the word Provenance which basically translates as "where did that come from?" Many of my treasures have been gifts or have been passed on by my family. Some are artifacts purchased by Monsieur and me on our trips together.  I seldom buy anything "souvenirish" when I travel myself.  My memories and a few selected photos are enough for me.

My daughter and her father (mon ancien mari) bought this for Mother's Day in 1985.
My mother has always told us stories about where each of her ornaments has come from.  She is not a woman to purchase such "extras" herself.  In my family, things passed on can not be sold or discarded without first offering them to other family members.  Thankfully, I have a daughter. These objets chronicle the history of my family.  But, at what point is this too much?  My grandmother's Royal Doulton is not my grandmother. I have my own memories of her.  A few weeks ago, I read "Crossing the Bar"by Tennyson from my Dad's old College Survey of English Literature, one of my treasures.  Book=treasure, Royal Doulton figurine not so much.

I love the rich colours of Moorcroft in this vase that belonged to Belle-mère.
My mother chose this tea-set when Princess Elizabeth (the Queen) got married. It's called Royal Bridal Gown.
When I was a girl, it reminded me of fairytales.

I love to dust and rearrange my treasures.  I stop, think and dream. Sometimes I am transported to a different place or time.  Are you a dreamer like me or a minimalist? Do you surround yourself with objects you love and memories you treasure?  Do you share the history with your children? Can this become excessive?