Separate Vacations

Paris is always in bloom.

In two weeks I will be leaving for Europe. All of my life I have wanted to live there.  I love neighbourhood markets, walking everywhere, speaking another language and watching all the different styles of the people in the streets.  This is the world that I have dreamt of since I was a young girl.

Monsieur Là-bas received his Là-bas moniker because he lived to fool around in French class.  I received the French Government Book Award in high-school. Now that we are retired, I want to live out at least the next five years as a traveller. I collect Aeroplan points and only pay the tax for my flights
and I rent self-catering apartments so that I can prepare most of my own food. Monsieur does not want to visit this year.
I like to eat chez moi.

Last year, mon mari visited Paris for one week. It was French spring break so I had no classes. We travelled to Ypres in Belgium to visit the World War 1 battlefields and we visited Les Invalides to learn more about war history.  We visited subterranean Paris and saw where the city started.  Monsieur loved the carte du jour menus and complained about the weather.  Frankly, I love Paris so much that I never notice the weather other than to enjoy the ever-changing colours of the Jardin du Luxembourg. Monsieur's early reluctance to learn French limits his independence and appreciation of all things French.
Who cares if it's cloudy?

I have not always been free to travel extensively. I am considering my retirement in 5 year plans:
the 60-65 years being the years of travel and independence.  I want to see and do as much as I can. Monsieur, who is 5 years older than I am, prefers to stay home or do a cruise or all-inclusive. So, for now it will be a separate and a together vacation.


  1. I like your travel spirit!
    I worked with a woman who was a member of a women's travel club and she was always off on some wonderful adventure. The itinerary was preset and all the reservations, transfers, etc were made by the tour guide. She felt very safe and a 70+ still had the desire to explore.
    Ah Paris! I envy you...

  2. How wonderful that the two of you have worked out a plan that allows you to travel as much as you want without being hampered by a reluctant companion or feeling guilty for going on your own. I would want to do exactly the same if Pater and I didn't both share an appreciation for European cities -- and I'd want him to do the same if he wanted, say, a vigorous snowshoeing excursion while I wanted the comforts of the fireplace armchair. . .


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