Two Weeks of Blogging

After 10 posts, I am starting to develop some small ability in blogging. I still have not  completely mastered adding pictures and links or managing layout.  My writing style is quite short and simple. I am trying to photograph myself and my favourite things but I am definitely in the learning stage. I am a visual person so I love looking at the photos on the blogs that I read:la Duchesse's amazing transformations of furs and pearlsthe Hostess' small and lovely homely (not an oxymoron) items and Materfamilias' outfits for all occasions

What I like best about the blogs that I read is that they celebrate the daily lives of ordinary women. Our day to day living can be challenging with caring for parents, children, grandchildren and pets, managing health and weight issues and trying to have a greater awareness of environmental and global issues. And yet, there is still time and energy left for creating a warm and nurturing society, for knitting,
quilting, painting, reading, yoga, pilates, cooking, gardening, travel and blogging.  Those who have not yet retired, may work at part or full-time jobs.  Others volunteer in the community. These women do not sound ordinary.

I used to read decorating and lifestyle and fashion magazines.  While visually pleasing to me, they did not reflect a real world but a fantasy world that supposedly could be entered by buying the advertisers'
product. As an older woman, maybe even a crone, I now understand that this is a pitfall of our society.
 I believe that, in the future, thrifting, recycling, walking, gardening, home cooking, self-awareness and connection will be important in our society.  Fortunately, those are things that ordinary women are good at.