Village Life Again

I love walking to church.  Yesterday I noticed a rhododendron starting to bloom, some hellebores and daffodils almost in flower.  Winter is short on the West Coast of Canada.  Each day, a few more buds appear. The red-winged blackbirds are back on the dyke and if you look carefully, you will spot some pussywillows.
Crocus in the Jardin du Luxembourg

The sermon yesterday was about The Good Samaritan.  The minister spoke of her own experiences working in Vancouver's downtown East Side, Canada's poorest neighbourhood. We do create ghettos of the poor so that we don't have to see them. However, the poor are always with us.  Mum and I went to visit the Food Bank where one of my friends volunteers.  The Food Bank in our suburban neighbourhood serves about 1500 people.  Many of the clients are working families with children.

I always stay after church for tea where I meet different people each week. As I no longer work, I think that it is important for me to replace my school community with another community in which I can participate in a meaningful way.  Early retirement is certainly a time for making meaning in our lives.

I started attending church when my dad was in Acute Care in the hospital. I found peace and strength there.  I prayed for an end to my dad's suffering and that our family could accept his passing
when the time came. I have not joined the Church because I feel that membership in a congregation is a serious commitment for which I am not ready.

In Paris, I have gone to services at Notre-Dame and at St. Jacques-de-Haut-Pas with my friend Mary who is Catholic.  A member at my Church suggested that  I attend the American Episcopal Cathedral in Paris which is known for its rich history and arts programme. I have also been considering The American Church near the Quai d'Orsay which is interdenominational. Free musical concerts are held every Sunday at 17h at The American Church as well as pilates, zumba and yoga.   As I plan to live in Paris for a few months every year,  I would like to carry on my regular activities in my other home.