A New Way of Seeing Things

Today, I picked up my new glasses.  They are larger and more brightly coloured than my previous pair.  My prescription is expensive because I need progressive lenses.  I have worn glasses for 50 years and although I have worn contact lenses for short periods of time and checked out the Lasik surgery, I keep coming back to the old comfortable spectacles.

I have always been a bookish person who liked to hang out in libraries.  In my youth, glasses and a fondness for reading did indeed a "nerdy girl" make.  It has taken a lot of my life to decide that I like "nerdy" people best.  I like to read  and discuss ideas.  I love comparative literature and I play Funtrivia online and I win. Today, girls are often passing boys by academically and are attending institutions of post-secondary education in greater numbers. A young man is likely to be proud of his "smart" girlfriend who may very well become the major breadwinner.

My new glasses are handmade by Wissing in Germany.  You can buy them in almost any colour combination you want.  I love orange, rust and red so I selected frames in these colours.  Glasses can be fun and  attractive fashion accessories. I once saw a bumper sticker that I wish I had bought.  It said,"Librarians make novel lovers."  There are many different ways of seeing our world.


  1. Fun glasses! They look good on you. As one of the nerds, I can relate. :-)

  2. Yes! At long last, nerd is the word! Your glasses are wonderful on you, and work like jewelry for your face. Did you know that trendy accessory shops now market geek-wear glasses with non-perscriptive plastic lenses?
    You look very "smart", and isn't it great to use that word with extended meaning!

  3. I really like those! My last pair of glasses cost more than the first 3 or 4 cars I owned (not together, but none of those cars cost as much as my expensive glasses) -- and apparently now my progressive prescription has changed! I'm debating picking up new frames at the brilliant opticien/framemaker my girlfriend introduced me to in Paris a few years ago, altho' I'll probably end up being more practical (and boring) and getting my new pair here. I really rely on my contacts, which I've worn for decades, but more and more, I'm preferring the comfort and better reading vision of my glasses.

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