A Visit to the Old Neighbourhood and New Shoes

Today, we set off to visit the rue St. Jacques neighbourhood where I lived for five months last year. I will probably return there on my next visit as I prefer la Rive Gauche to la Rive Droite. The ambiance is quite different and as I am a studious type, the Latin Quarter suits me better.
The vegetables were splendid.

La boucherie
We started out at the Marché Maubert, the oldest market in Paris.  We just looked and drooled because we were going out for lunch.
All sorts of seafood.
Next, we walked over to Rue St. Jacques and had our lunch at Le Comptoir du Panthéon.  I visited this restaurant last year with my brother and sister-in-law.  The salads are fantastic.
La salade de l'océane.
Behind the Panthéon, is L'église St. Etienne du Mont, the shrine of Ste. Geneviève, the patron saint of Paris. Blaise Pascal and Jean Racine are buried there. I really enjoyed Phèdre and Andromaque when I read them.

Today was my French conversation class so I spent an hour working on intonation. I must be more animated.

We visited my old grocery store and local eatery and we will visit more when we move to the sixth arrondissement.  On the rue St. Jacques is a shoe store, my favourite shoe store in all of Paris.  It is a store of comfortable shoes.  My favourites are from Thierry Rabotin. They are the best city walking shoes that I have ever found. I fall often, have bursitis in my knee and a swollen ankle so the expense is worth it.
These shoes are a metallic blue and are so supportive.
We returned home through the fabric district of Montmartre to have a quiet evening at home.