Almost Finished Packing

I have only 5 days before I leave for Europe and I am almost finished packing.  I have been following some of the guidelines from Janice at the Vivienne Files and I am going to be able to use my medium-sized suitcase.  I am having to exercise great restraint.  If an item can not be worn with at least three other articles of clothing, it can not come with me. This morning, Janice featured pink jeans and I actually have some.  I have loved wearing orange jeans this winter although I am neither tall nor thin.
I will pair my jeans with my Gérard Darel colour block  sweater that  I bought in Paris last year.  They will also work with my ivory tee shirt and  my oatmeal coloured cardigan.
I hope to have as much fun with my new pink jeans.  They are not too skinny.

This lightweight raincoat will be great for April showers.
 As April may be a showery month in Paris, I am taking a very light reversible, greige/white raincoat. I will be able to pair it with any of my orange or pink scarves.

Monsieur surprised me by having an opinion about my wardrobe.  He usually just says that his wife has a good fashion sense so whatever I wear is fine with him.  Yesterday when I was showing him a brown and grey vest blouse combo, he proclaimed it "too sad sack" for me.  I reconsidered the items and decided that they were November in Canada not springtime in Europe. I do listen to my husband.


  1. I love that Gerard Darel sweater. Your choices are so bright and cheerful!

  2. What a great travel palette for spring in Europe! You must be so excited right now. . .


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