Busy Weekend

I leave for Europe Tuesday! There are loose ends to tie up as I will be away 10 weeks. This is the week-end that we lose an hour to daylight savings. There so many things to do both for travel and leaving the apartment.
My favourite spot in Paris

 The opera The Magic Flute opened last night, my opera night.  The costumes and the sets which were designed to reflect West Coast Kwakiutl culture were magnificent. I always like to observe the attire of the audience on opening nights.  Several patrons wore clothing with a First Nations motif and there were two women sporting powdered wigs à la Mozart.  The opera was sung in English and the translation was thoughtful.  This opera was a remounting of a 2007 production but I was more impressed with it this time.

I loaded  The Lost Wife by Alyson Richman on my Kobo yesterday for travel purposes but unfortunately I started reading it so I will probably need another book for my travel day. Travel has become a little more complicated with laptop, Kobo, camera and iPod with their cords and chargers.  I am not taking a cellphone because last year I used it on travel days and my roaming charges were exorbitant. I have unlimited free calling to Canada in my first Paris rental and I will use Skype. I always like to have a few BBC series loaded on the laptop. Last year, I watched Cranford and From Larkrise to Candleford.  I love BBC series and BBC World Service Radio.  I even listen at home.

I overwinter my geraniums in my glassed-in balcony, so they needed repotting and preparation for the growing season. Something that I have learned from my Paris days is that however small your apartment is, plants and flowers are essential.  On Sunday, a visit to the Marché aux Fleurs on Ile de la Cité is a must. I will go there on Easter Sunday. The market is a delight to visit with plants, small garden decorations and caged birds.

My toiletries and cosmetics need to be organized but I am not taking too much as I will be able to readily purchase what I need.  There is a Beauté Monop at 28 Rue des Abbesses that even has a blowout bar where my curly hair can be dealt with in less than 15 minutes. Blowdryers, curling irons, straightening irons will not be travelling with me. Most days I can let my hair air  dry.

I have a file of printed bookings and confirmations that must accompany me.  I keep a version on my computer and iPod touch as well so I can always refer to them as needed.  I leave another copy at home with Monsieur. I start out with quite a dossier of papers.

Today, I will visit with friends and with my daughter as I will not see them for ten weeks.  My mother, who is sad and lonely, will miss me because I see her three or four times a week. Hopefully, she will be more settled when I get back but it is hard to lose a husband of 61 years. Monsieur is very good with her and takes her out on a regular basis and daughter phones her every day but when all is said and done, Maman will need to create a new network for herself.

I am looking forward to the adventure.


  1. Bon voyage!
    Your approach to packing for 10 weeks away is inspiring.
    I hope that you have a delightful time in France...how could you not?

  2. Have a wonderful trip! It sounds like a dream, and your preparations sounds very thoughtful. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

  3. I can't believe that we could have met Saturday night -- we've been going to opening night ever since the last Magic Flute convinced us to become season ticketholders. If you are also a regular, we should arrange to meet in the fall. Meanwhile, have a wonderful 10 weeks. I will be eagerly looking forward to whatever you manage to post while away. bon voyage!

  4. What an amazing time you will have. Please take lots of pictures so that we can live vicariously through you!

  5. Bon voyage from me, too! Please enjoy, which you surely will.
    Isn't it great to take whatever you wish to read on your e-reader? I might well crumble to dust if mine was lost. It's my library, newsstand and painting studio!

    Stay safe, return sated!


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