En Route

Waiting in the Airport

I was going to ask M. Là-bas to take a photo but we were a little flustered.  I changed to a smaller suitcase yesterday for   greater convenience on trains.  I could hardly get it closed and it is unfamiliar to me. It is raining hard at home and snowing in Northern Europe.  I have boots (crushable) in my carry-on.

I followed my original plan for dressing for the travelling day and even put on my Echo travel scarf that I bought last year near the Pantheon.  My  Irish cape and hat will be good protection from the cold in London and I might even be able to buy a shamrock pin on Sunday in Paris.

My carry-on feels awkward to me but I will get used to it.  I have all my chargers and cords for my devices.  How can a woman who didn't even bring a hair-dryer have so many electronics?

It's funny! My very undemonstrative daughter asked if she could come to the airport. She is used to Mum going away and we connect via Skype.

Soon we will be boarding and I'm glad that I used extra points for Executive and will get lunch because Buy on Board never appeals to me.

We will be boarding soon.  Au revoir.