I love Paris

I love everything about Paris.  This morning, we lingered in the apartment as I was indolent and Janet had to wash her hair.  We are going to the Moulin Rouge tonight so we need to conserve our energy a little.  We went back to my favourite neighbourhood restaurant so far, Le Café Bruant.  I intended to have a light lunch but the Formule de Midi was irresistible.

In France, the best time to have an inexpensive meal is at noon.  Many French companies supply vouchers for workers' lunches and so restaurants offer some very good deals.  Today, I had a stuffed tomato appetizer on a bed of lettuce and a scallop and salmon brochette with risotto for 12 euros. We shared a pichet of house wine and our bill was 34 euros.

There was a group of older men  (well not really older than me) who were at the bar greeting each other, drinking and sharing laughs. They were all nicely dressed, had a little longer hair than men at home and went outside to use their mobiles. They seemed to really enjoy the company of each other.

I like the softly curled look.
Janet and I separated to go about our afternoon activities. She enjoys sightseeing and taking photos and I love doing errands in France.  I dropped my warm camel slacks off at the cleaners, picked up some brown tights at monoprix and had my first shampooing and brushing at Franck Provost.  I decided not to bring product and styling devices to Paris.  I have stayed curly rather that having a straightening procedure so styling can be time consuming. I was happy with the lightly curled effect.

I am looking for a stylish pair of tan walking shoes.  I have loafers, ballerinas and low boots but I think that I am going to need a pair of tied shoes. Les dames d'un certain âge all wear lovely walking shoes so I can be very selective.

My orange jeans are my favourites.
Paris is feeling damp and cold this March. We need to put the electric heaters on in the apartment and sleep under duvets. I could have used my down coat but it will be a nuisance in April and May. Fortunately, I can layer under my cape to keep away the chill. As I told Monsieur before I left home, "Nobody goes to Paris for the weather."


  1. I hope all your dreams come true. thank you for sharing. Australia.

  2. Enjoy and stay warm! Love the orange jeans.


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