International Women's Day

This is International Women's Day.  Education of women makes us strong and free.  Those of us who circumstances have favoured need to think about the girls who live in countries where education is unavailable or dangerous, the girls who live in families where abuse and poverty break their spirits and those who struggle with learning disabilities.  I will think of my sponsor daughter Maria in Oaxaca who will be graduating in July. She has worked so hard and has been chosen to go on a cultural exchange to Spain. My biological daughter has struggled with  dyslexia and the issues that accompany it. This year, she had a triumph when she told me that she was "doing something I would do".  I wondered and then she announced that she had spent a whole day reading a book. 
Oaxaca is a great place to visit.

Information about adult learning disabilities in British Columbia is available through ALDA.  If you are an adult who has struggled in school, you may receive support through this organization.

The Oaxaca Learning Center supports students in Mexico who would not be able to continue their education.  They offer women's support groups that deal with relationship, domestic violence and self-esteem issues. For a true Mexican experience, you can rent the apartment at the Center.  I have spent 2 months there and would highly recommend it.


  1. I did not face the challenges that some women face but education was my tool of choice, the way to a life that was better than it would have been had I accepted or had no choice but to accept less. Great post. I sponsor 2 girls via another charity. I hope it makes a difference to their lives. Thanks for the post and the reminder.

  2. I also sponsor a family in Oaxaca. I have yet to visit someday.


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