Packing 101

My cape will keep me warm and dry.

I go away for months at a time.  Packing is aways critical.  How do I pack everything I need and still be able to navigate airports, trains and whatever staircases I might need to climb/descend? What do I absolutely need?  This year, I have 10 weeks in Europe.  I will be in London (cold), Paris (8 weeks) and cruising on the Danube (country club casual except for Captain's dinner.) What to take, what to take? I loveThe Vivienne Files and Une Femme d'un Certain Age and when I am considering packing with style, these are my go to blogs

Suede skirt with flame coloured jacket and chocolate brown camisole.  I'll wear my amber earrings.
I will be spending 2 days in London before I go to Paris.  I plan to visit the British Museum, the Tate and do lots of walking. London in March can be cold and rain is a possibility. My down coat will be too bulky to carry around in May so I will take my Avoca cape.  This is my oldest item of clothing purchased 24 years ago when I got my first teaching job. I can layer sweaters under it for warmth and I can use it with my mid length suede skirt and low boots for the theatre in London. I don't like to carry an umbrella for mizzle.  My curly hair only gets curlier but I hate rain on my glasses. I like to wear a hat with a brim and carry a small umbrella in my bag in case of a downpour.  One item that I want to buy in Paris is a Longchamps Le Pliage bag which I will use to carry my hat home in May. I bought a pair of Arcopedico low boots which are ideal for walking around London.
Travelling and London sight-seeing
With a change of top and scarf (and underwear of course) this outfit should take care of my sightseeing wardrobe for London. My wool trousers should keep my legs warm and I could layer tights under them.

I'm  not sure what size suitcase that I will need but I really don't want luggage to hamper my adventures.


  1. Thanks for the mention! You have put together some great outfits there. "Mizzle," love that word! We keep being warned that it may be still very cold and damp in Scotland and England when we go in early May, so I'm pondering a raincoat upgrade to something with a warm lining.

    1. I was in London last April and I was very cold. My daughter and I rode the open top bus and we just about froze. My cape and hat are both Irish wool which is probably what is needed. A lined raincoat would work especially if it zips out.


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