The Packing Continues

I have been reading back posts of the Vivienne Files, trying to fit 10 weeks worth of clothing into my medium sized expandable suitcase. I really don't want to buy a new suitcase and my large suitcase is a monster. I will be taking the Eurostar from London to Paris, moving apartment once during my stay, flying on Easyjet to Prague and travelling 2nd class on the train from Budapest to Munich.  Neither of my apartments this year are on the 3rd floor like last year but a woman travelling alone does not need the albatross of a giant bag. The problem is that the 10 day weather forecast tells me that London will have a high temperature of 43 degrees F and a low of 37 degrees F.  I will be walking a lot of the time and there is always the possibility of cold rain.

I have determined the palette (warm for me of course) and I don't wear black. Brown and beige are my neutrals and shades of orange (rust, peach, even an orangey coral) are my accent pieces.  I need a dress up outfit for the theatre in London, the Moulin Rouge in Paris and an evening concert in Vienna. Shoes and bags need to be selected for everyday use and for evening.
Sightseeing in April and May

Dinner on Danube Cruise (Country Club casual they call it???)                  
I have started piles of clothing in the corner of the bedroom: items by use and by colour.  I am going to major cities where there are shops and laundries not the middle of the desert.  That would entail a totally different sort of wardrobe.  In an earlier post, I chose my London (cold weather wardrobe). Now I must  choose what to take for April in Paris. Fortunately, Tish Jett did a series of posts on April in Paris in 2011. The great thing about blogs is that it's all on the computer. There are no magazines cluttering up my apartment.

I read Janice at the Vivienne Files regularly so I should be able to do this.  I will start with a sightseeing outfit and go from there.  I have a cashmere cardigan, jeans, loafers, a camisole and a scarf. My first outfits should be ready to go. Thank you, Janice, I just eliminated two items that will not fit in with my overall plan. I might be getting the hang of this but my photography is only progressing.