A Solitary Sojourner

I see myself as a sojourner rather than a tourist in Paris now.  I no longer feel guilty spending a morning doing laundry and reading. I have a favourite market, coiffeur and a few favourite restaurants. I have been in Paris for six weeks and in this apartment for 3 weeks. I have learned to accept it after buying a few household items.

Almost every day, I walk through the Jardin du Luxembourg. I love to see the flowers and to watch the  people. Sometimes I visit a church, have a reflective moment and light a candle for all of those that I love. Although I am alone, I am connected in my heart and via all sorts of modern communication devices with my family and friends. Through blogging, I feel that I am sharing my life with a lot of new friends and look forward each morning to reading of the activities of others.  Every day, I spend time reading about travel plans, retirement, losses, gardens, shopping trips, books and reflections on daily living.

My cousin asked if I get lonely when I am by myself. The answer is "no" because I never really feel alone. I find that the people of Paris are very friendly if you take to time to speak with them. In a neighbourhood, you see the same shopkeepers every day. Next week, I am going to visit Aurélie again,
I have two visits with Isabelle, a hair appointment and quite a few details to attend to before I leave for Prague. My life here has taken on a rhythm that I enjoy.

Today is my parent's 62nd wedding anniversary. My mother's house sold Thursday so she now knows that she will be moving. She keeps using the term "getting rid of" and I wish that she could see the process in a more positive way, perhaps "redistributing". Our lives are not our things. She is not getting rid of 62 years. This morning, I found a new blog Be More with Less. We can still be sentimental without all of the stuff. That being said, I still want to go through the family books. There are some that I may read and then donate to The Friends of the Library. Monsieur is still going on about my boxes of books from my university days. I will go through them some day.

I solved the camera problem. It's ISO and it's a short-coming of this camera. Dull skies and lack of stabilization make it a fair-weather friend. I think that I will take a photography course for seniors when I go home.

Bonne Week-End and I look forward to hearing about your week-end plans!


  1. While I'm very lucky in having a husband who is a good travel companion and loves visiting France and other parts of Europe, I can also be quite happy in a new city by myself -- as, just generally, I'm fine with my own company and will happily do a week at home on my own. As well, I know that when traveling solo, one can develop relationships with locals differently than when traveling with a partner. While Paul and I can both get along quite decently in French (altho' nowhere near your level), we naturally speak English to each other, which, of course, gives a signal to those who might otherwise engage us in conversation.
    Enjoy your last days of this visit to Paris.


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