A Wonderful Day!

A bright corner on rue Montparnasse
Today was one of those beautiful days in Paris. The temperature was 24 degrees celsius and the streets and cafés were full. I did some organizing, studying and writing this morning and set out to meet my last year's teacher at Reid Hall. I wrote about Mildred in February in my post Merci, Madame le Professeur. She is an excellent teacher and a warm, friendly person.

Before heading to Reid Hall, I stop at Le Nemrod, one of the best restaurants on my street. I sit outside and watch the street activity. Clothing has completely changed since yesterday! My salad is another work of art.
Une autre belle salade.

I am reading a book that I found in the apartment, Dreaming in French about the years that Jacqueline Kennedy, Susan Sontag and Angela Davis spent in Paris.  I would have loved to have had a "year abroad" as a young woman but I get to do it now. I've spent 7 months in Paris in the last year and a half so I can't complain.
Jackie, Susan, Angela et moi
Jacqueline Bouvier was fascinated by French literature as I was in my youth and attended classes at Reid Hall where I am going. Susan Sontag came to Paris to experience intellectual and sexual freedom.
Angela Davis came in the early 1960's to study and to escape the restrictions of being black. I bask in the sun, sip my Sauvignon and read my book. Quel bonheur!

Reid Hall is located on rue de la Chevreuse in a building that once was a porcelain factory. It is administered by Columbia University and houses overseas programs for several American universities. The Cours de la Civilisation française de la Sorbonne rents space from Columbia.
Reid Hall

Reid Hall provided a "safe" place for young women to study.

French is the rule here.
I meet Mildred in my old classroom which looks exactly the same. As it is warm, we go to a brasserie for a cold drink. What a wonderful reunion! We talk about travel, our daughters, art, theatre... for an hour and a half and I realize that I am completely comfortable with my French.  We part ways at the Luxembourg and I promise to call her when I come back to Paris.


  1. Oh, le Nemrod! It's one of my favorite cafés! Your pictures are so lovely, I can almost feel the warmth of the spring sun.

  2. We love Le Nemrod -- learned of it from David Lebowitz, and then were surprised to see him there, with one of his chocolat tour groups, on one of our visits. A trip to Paris doesn't feel complete unless we've sat at a table there, people-watching and working our way through a delicious salad (my favourite might be the Perigord!)


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