Ah! Enfin le printemps!

I don't mind light rain if I get to wear a rain hat.
I took my photo for Visible Monday. I love carrying a little rain hat in my purse.  Does anyone remember the plastic foldable rain hats that old ladies used to wear? There are so many pretty hats in Paris. Soft collapsible are my favourites for packing.  This year, my hair just gets curlier in the misty rain.

Pan proclaims Spring in Paris
 Spring appeared yesterday in Paris and the whole city was out to enjoy it. I walked through the Jardin du Luxembourg and noticed that finally the trees had leaves. Most shops aren't open on Sunday so families stroll through the streets of the 6th with strollers and with children on scooters. The children are dressed in what used to be called "Sunday best" and seem to be well-behaved.  One little girl was having a tantrum on the street and her maman told her not to be "dégoutante" disgusting. Maman was not going to give in, bien sûr.

There are Burberry trench coats for petites filles à Paris. How cute is that!

The restaurants moved most of their tables outside and family groups ate lunch al fresco while friends stopped to chat as they passed by. I sat with my glass of red wine  and tartine Poilâne and watched the world. This is the Paris that I love.

There was a 2 hour wait for the Chagall exposition at the Musée Luxembourg so I decided to either go early one morning or one evening at dinner time. This is a collection not to be missed!

French women intrigue me because they all have a different look.There is no"cookie cutter style" yet everyone looks so natural and at ease with themselves.

I am writing a short exposé for my class tomorrow on why women from all over the world are drawn like moths to the City of Light. What do you think makes Paris and French women special?


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