An Easy Day

This morning, I spent my time doing laundry and sorting clothes. Because the weather has been unseasonably chilly, I have been wearing the same clothes over and over. Two thirds of my clothing has not been worn and I have been in Paris 5 weeks today.  I have acquired some new pieces but they are mostly for spring.

I visited my neighbourhood restaurant, Le Raspail, which Susan Herrmann Loomis calls the friendliest café in Paris. Today, it certainly was buzzing.  The outside tables, the bar and  every possible seat in the place were occupied. The staff were just flying: clearing, setting, serving faster than I could believe. I was at this tiny table near the bar and the hostess apologized for the wait. Friday lunch in an inexpensive restaurant in Paris is hectic. I ordered le dos de callibaud et un verre de Sancerre. That sounds like one of Isabelle's pronunciation exercises.

My solitary days take on a rhythm. I have been alone for a week now and I have been writing in French.  I enjoy exposé writing so I prepare something to read and discuss with Isabelle. It makes my lessons more directed and we both learn something. My topic this class:Une canadienne, c'est quoi?
I explained how Canadians were different from other English-speakers. Canadians are generally a modest group so the rest of the world doesn't know much about us.

I like to eat in my neighbourhood restaurants and to take advantage of the formule de midi which always provides good value.  This is my main meal of the day and I usually just have fruit and yogurt in
 the evening. Paris is such a great place to walk.  You don't really have to be going anywhere. The doors, the shop windows, small neighbourhood green spaces and on sunny days, the people....

I have found a really really interesting blog on things to do in Paris. There are some plays and concerts that I would like to see while I am here: La Cantatrice Chauve by Eugène Ionesco (I met his daughter last year) and Sunday in the Park with George (a Sondheim musical about Georges Seurat and the characters in his painting, La Grande Jatte). The musical is being presented in English with French

I am so fortunate to be able to live here for part of the year. I enjoy it so much.  Monsieur is in Tucson right now for a sun break.  He's staying in a casita in a golf resort where we spent Christmas. He's hiking, swimming and hitting balls at the driving range.  This resort was one that I scouted out for a winter getaway. We e-mail and he reads my blog to keep up with what I'm doing. Right now, we are both enjoying our retirement. A chacun son goût.
Golf course and cacti
Cactus in bloom