Another Sunny Day in Paris

The first tulips in Paris
Today, the temperature has been 24 degrees celsius and Paris is bustling. Everyone must have taken early lunch because the sidewalk tables were full at noon No on here eats lunch at noon.. Bright colours, t-shirts, even sundresses appeared. The city is so lively in the sunshine.

I walked about my neighbourhood and found a little park. I liked the statue and forsythia but could not read who it was..

I love Paris in the fine weather.  There is so much energy. I wrote a short essay for Isabelle on how a Canadian is different from an American. I made an appointment at Marionnaud for my eyebrows. Eyebrows are a sign of vigour. They need to be strong and defined. I found a lovely little shop for les femmes d'un certain âge and bought a couple of items probably because the vendeuse who was my age noticed that I have green eyes Actually, my eyes are the change colour green-blue-grey of the Celts but the clothes in the store suited me.
Does anyone know this man?

I wore a colour that I have not worn this year with my necklace that Janet bought me at Diwali. There are so many more possibilities on a sunny day. I love Paris in the springtime.  It just feels like where I should be.
I think I'm starting to look French.


  1. You ARE starting to look French! It must be so wonderful to be there right now.

  2. Oh, you're making me impatient for my trip -- we've only ever managed one April in Paris and it was magnificent!
    I agree with Sue -- you're absolutely looking French -- love the hair! (I have the same colour of eyes as you, that true-Celt grey-blue-green)


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