Chez le coiffeur

Did you notice? My hair matches my sweater.
I always like to go to the hairdresser in Paris.  Last year, I went to the local coiffeur whose shop was directly below my apartment.  When I was in Montmartre, I went to two salons that were part of a chain
and was happy with my brushing. But this month, I am living in St Germain-des-Pres so my salon experience was different. I chose a nearby salon Coiffirst.

Salons in Paris post their prices outside their shop and I have passed this salon often.  Most salons will also give you an estimate.  Conditioners and colour enhancing products used during the shampooing are priced separately.  Coiffirst had various levels of stylists from apprentice to Master Designer and the receptionist outlined the price ranges very clearly.

I was having colour today so I chose the second highest level.  Summer is coming and I want my hair manageable and healthy.  My stylist was Thomas, who talked to me about what I wanted and then made the suggestion to create a more luminous look by creating some highlights. I am always willing to listen to the stylist if I have chosen a reputable salon.

When at the sink it was discovered that I have some very stubborn white hair, Thomas took me back to sit for a bit longer. Success! No more white! He felt that my curls were in good shape so he just tidied up my layers. Then, he gave me two style options. First, we finger dried with me fluffing my curls as I do at home.  Then he used the round brush to show me how to do a slightly smoother look. I was happy with my new look and will probably return for un brushing before I leave Paris. I have never had such a thorough hairdresser experience!


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