Curvy Paris

If you wear a North American size 12, 14 or 16, you will be une grande taille in France. But don't despair, there are little shops in most neighbourhoods that provide lots of choice for "les femmes d'un certain âge." In my neighbourhood, you will not see these shops on rue Cherche-Midi but if you wander along rue St.Placide or rue de Rennes, you will spot them tucked discreetly among the other shops.

The average height for a  French woman is 5'3.7" which means that at almost 5'4, I am not petite and do not have to pay for costly alterations. Sleeves are not too long nor shoulders too broad.  Where I live, outside of Vancouver, many shoppers are Asian, so petite sizes are often sizes 2, 4 and 6. Based on a study commissioned by the French clothing industry, the average weight of a French woman is 137.6 pounds. At only 5'4.8, the average American woman weighs in at 163.4 pounds based on a study by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Personally, I have been walking about four hours of the day and am living on the third floor of a building without an elevator. Since my visitors have left, I have dispensed with the "happy hour",
eat my main meal with a glass of wine at lunch and have a very light dinner. I do find that I am hungry during the night. I love the salades composées at lunch but I steer away from those with too much cheese or charcuterie. Even if you order a three course formule du midi, your servings will not be too large. Although I live next to Poilâne, I have only eaten one croissant during my stay and I appreciate the beauty of countless windows of lovely desserts without feeling a need to consume. This is probably a typical lifestyle for a 60 plus French woman.
Choose any kind of seafood you desire
Cooked chickens with salad for a takeout dinner

Add lots of vegetables

I like to drink Badoit water in between meals.

I have made some purchases, mostly on rue St. Placide.
I chose this coral jacket to go with my floral jean skirt. The band at the waist actually makes me look thinner.
This tunic can be worn with jeans.
Everyone writes about the tendency of French women to wear neutral colours but if you enjoy colour as I do, you will find "les couleurs vives" as well.  Paris is a city rich in diversity with something for everyone.


  1. I love French clothes as I have small arms and the fit is always perfect for my frame, I too am that average almost 5ft 4 person.


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