I Love to Share

A comment was made by a former relative that he thought I was telling him about my travel plans "to rub it in". Considering that the conversation took place at my father's "Celebration of Life", it is highly unlikely. I love to share my enthusiasm with others and I am interested in others' travel plans, remodelling plans, social action groups, grandchildren.... Anything but their latest diet!  Use my fitness pal and leave me out of it!

 As we get older, I think our lives get richer by sharing our experiences.  I have no grandchildren but a smile comes to my face when my friend Mary sends me pictures of her little grandchildren playing on the beach at Sooke.  I forward them to my mum to brighten her day. By e-mailing me her pictures, Mary is sharing the experience of grandmother with me.

My cousin, Barb, recently visited and shared her experiences of tango dancing in Paris with me.  Each evening, she put on her dancing clothes, took her shoes in a bag and went off to a milonga. I waited up like an old mother hen (she doesn't speak French and took the métro) to hear about her evening. I have two left feet and no sense of rhythm. Attending an Argentine milonga in Paris is probably an experience that I am never going to have. Barb is sharing her newly-found passion with me.

Some people travel and some people don't. There are lots of reasons for this. Tales of travel and far off
lands have enriched my life forever. My maiden great-great aunt was a governess and lived with a diplomatic family before WW 1. I have visited many of the places where she lived and imagined what it was like one hundred years ago.  I visited the small island of Whalsay where my grandfather was born and had tea with a man who had been his school chum. This is my passion.

So, when I told my former relative that I was going to visit a city that is part of his heritage (and my daughter's by the way), I was sharing my interest in him and his family. I was once part of his family and my daughter still is.  By attending Dad's "celebration", he was sharing my family's grief and acknowledging that he is still part of my family's. life. Anyway, I'm not quite sure what I'm really sharing today but I wanted to write about it without being self-righteous.