Last Sunday in Paris

What to do on my last Sunday in Paris? It was 38 degrees Fahrenheit this morning and I had the property manager turn off the heating last week.  This is the first apartment that I have had to pay for the gas, so I didn't want to waste it. The apartment is old with leaky single pane windows so this morning was very brisk. I made a little breakfast of coffee, cheese and Wasa crackers, got under the covers and played Funtrivia. Funtrivia is a retired teacher-librarian addiction.  I grew up as a "walking encyclopedia", worked in public libraries for 6 years and school libraries for 25 years. Can you imagine how many questions I have answered in my life?

There is a lovely organic market on the Boulevard Raspail on Sunday. Although I already have mâche, beets and asparagus, I went to take a look. I didn't buy anything but some lilacs from a gypsy.
Lilacs look lovely on the fireplace.
After returning home to put the lilacs in water, I wandered towards rue St. Germain. Passing Les Deux Magots and Place Jean-Paul and Simone, I decided to have lunch at Le Pré aux Clercs. Barb and I had visited this area before and I thought this restaurant worth another visit. I had the grilled monkfish with un verre de Sancerre and un petit café. It was worth revisiting!
Worth a visit!

There is a statue of Guillaume Apollinaire, the freest spirit that ever existed,  outside l'Eglise St. Germain-des-Prés. The first church on this site was built in 542 AD by Childebert to house a piece of the true cross brought from Spain.
A voice of Surrealism.
If you are a Canadian, you might be interested to know that Bishop Laval was consecrated first Bishop of New France in  this church. There is a plaque on the wall, but I wasn't able to photograph it. In the Place de J-P et Simone, there some messieurs d'un certain âge who were playing music. They didn't look like they were needy just entertaining the passersby.
These gentlemen were enjoying themselves
Clothing stores are closed on Sunday in Paris so it is a good day to window shop. I love the colours orange and coral so if I were rich and thin (I am neither), there are many outfits to buy.
If I shop my closet, I can probably do this look.

I have orange jeans and a khaki linen blazer.
I lust after these boots. Every time I pass them, they call out to me.
Another thing that I do not want to carry home is books. The first French language book that I ever owned was the Gouvernement de France book award that I received on graduation: Episodes et Récits du Premier Empire. It's in the boxes that Monsieur LB is whining about. But I spotted a book today that I would enjoy at home.
I love history.
 Heading home, I notice a queue on the sidewalk. It is outside Pierre Hermé, a pâtisserie et confiserie, not a place to buy scarves. I decide to buy something just to compare to Gérard Mulot.
Emotion ou macaron? Which one should I eat today?
Sunday in Paris is like heaven on earth. I can't imagine that it would be boring in any arrondissement but in the sixth, it's about shopping and eating.


  1. Heaven on earth, indeed. Those boots are calling out to me too : > Thank you for sharing with Visible Monday!


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