Looking for Monsieur Propre

This apartment was not properly cleaned before rental and there are no cleaning supplies in evidence. Not even an extra roll of toilet paper. Our block of Rue Cherche-Midi is mostly shoes, bags and fashion accessories with Poilâne and Le Restaurant Cherche-Midi thrown into the mixture. I have been unsettled because I find other people's dirt disturbing. There are some very nice plates mounted on the kitchen wall but they were covered in grime and dust. The ancient corded telephone needs a good wipe.

Barb went off to the Musée d'Orsay and I set off on a quest for cleaning products. I crossed the Boulevard Raspail where the Tuesday market was being held and Rue Cherche-Midi changed into a more inhabitant-friendly street. I found un pressing so that I could have my pull et pantalons washed and ironed. Next, I found a shop of bricolage, plomberie et objets pour la maison. Just what I was looking for! How excited can one be to find toilet paper and Mr. Clean! I bought a little bouquet of freesia for the mantel. Then it started to rain.  I was glad to have my rain hat that I bought in Normandy.
Today's purchases

I ducked into a brasserie at the corner of Raspail and Cherche-Midi where I had une salade Raspail and un verre de rouge before coming home. Walking in my neighbourhood, I learned a few things about French history. On rue Cherche-Midi is a plaque and some remains of the Cherche-Midi prison where Dreyfus was jailed and where Résistance fighters were held by the German occupation forces. Un cherche-midi in the 17th century was someone who dropped in at lunchtime in hopes of an invitation.

Home again, I wiped down the offending objects with my disinfecting wipes and have settled in to a quiet rainy afternoon in Paris. As my brother would say "it's all part of the adventure."