Beautiful Budapest!

We have reached our cruising destination, Budapest. The sun is shining on the spires and castles of this beautiful city. Last night, our captain took us for an illuminated tour on the river. The reflections of golden-lit bridges and buildings shimmered on the Danube.
Budapest is truly like a fairyland.
We bade our farewells to our newfound friends and exchanged e-mails. Some passengers were leaving the boat for the airport at 3:45 a.m. As we are spending a few days here, we were last to leave the boat at about 10:00 a.m. Our destination:the Sofitel. We could not believe the price of this hotel when the agent booked it! I don't like to pay exorbitant hotel rates because I use very few of the facilities, preferring to eat in a market or bring my own bottle of wine to the room. BUT, we have a Danube view room. We are in Pest, looking across the river to the hill of Buda. We will drink our wine in our room and gaze once more on the Romantic Danube.
Spires and domes everywhere

I did not bring a large enough suitcase. I am still carrying my winter clothes from the early snowy days and I have acquired a few new clothes and some gifts. This morning, I walked around for a few hours with my fully loaded bag. Sister wanted to go further but once tired, I like a change of pace. We decided to go our separate ways. As I was wandering in a pedestrian zone, I noticed a promising looking Hungarian restaurant Sorforras Etterem. I lunched on duck with cabbage strudel, roasted apple and Pilsenner Urquell. This bill was only 4200f which is less than 20 euros.

I bought a few gifts for my darling daughter who has a Hungarian grandfather and would like to visit here one day and returned to the bright comfy hotel room to read and write. Is anyone else reading Edward Rutherfurd's Paris? I'm not a big fan of his books but I am interested in French history so I'm giving it a try. My sister just returned with a bottle of Tokay so we are going to watch the river.


  1. Enjoy your days in Budapest, a city name I always find quite romantic. I'm curious to know what you think of the Rutherfurd. Like you, I probably wouldn't think to read it except for the Paris history . . .


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