I took this photo for my daughter.
The suitcases are packed (stuffed) and I have 2 hours before the taxi comes. I have made a list of instructions for myself to help me focus. I am travelling alone to a country where I know nothing of the language. I don't speak Czech. My bags seem much heavier than before. Could it be that I am a month weaker? Travelling alone can be stressful. Monsieur has no problem with bags. I am afraid of falling on stairs or escalators when I am toting. You can not leave your bags with anyone at the airport or station especially after Boston. Using a washroom can be an adventure.

I am travelling Easyjet to Prague and have ended up paying more for my bags than my airfare. I don't have a lot but I am in Europe for 9 weeks and the last part is a cruise. I could have brought 3 pairs of pants and three sweaters for Paris. Easyjet was my only choice for a direct flight to Prague. I have no printer so I was unable to print my boarding pass but I'm sure that it will work out.

Last night, the property manager came to go over the apartment. Apparently, I have set some record for low energy consumption. Knowing that I would have to pay European rates at the end of the month has kept me aware. Monsieur and I don't use much energy at home but our heating and hot water are included in our strata fees. I was expecting an immediate refund of my 900 euros but she needs to contact the owner in Italy and he will reimburse me by Paypal. Never again with this agency! If you are renting, try to find a VRBO or an agency that charges no commission to the renter and that does not require a cash deposit. I have usually rented by a teacher-to-teacher network. This has been really informal and basically involved a lot of good faith.

I know very little about the hotel where I am staying tonight and tomorrow except that it was part of a monastery. My sister comes from Madrid tomorrow but we didn't want to pay 360 euros a night for the Prague Intercontinental which is part of the pre-cruise package. It's always easier to pay the extra but you can travel for longer or more often if you can keep your daily rate lower.

Hotel Monastery Prague will be tonight's stopping place and the cost is 140 euros with a choice of hot and cold breakfast items included. Au revoir Paris!


  1. Bon voyage! I can imagine your trepidation as you manage this next step on your own, but you've proven yourself to be a competent and brave traveller. I clicked on that hotel in Prague and it looks gorgeous -- and much more interesting, I'll bet, that the more expensive one the other cruise travellers may choose by default.


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