Friday afternoon, Laure Sokol

Monsieur says that sometimes he finds my blog ridiculous but that's because  he and my brother are probably the only men who read it. Today, I was loving my Parisian self. My friendly aesthetician at Oneto gave me the best facial that I have ever had. Yesterday, she waxed my legs. If you are in Paris, visit her because she is wonderful and not too expensive.

If you are a woman of pulchritude who buys Prima Donna or Empreinte bras, visit Laure Sokol on rue de Sèvres. They have a huge selection of bras up to an H cup at about 30% less than in Canada. Full support bras that are lovely are hard to find. It is so important to feel good about yourself! I always buy my bras in sets with the matching panties. That's so French. No ugly undies.

I visited Sacha Coiffeur at 53 rue Cherche-Midi for un shampooing et un brushing. I feel so light and carefree walking down rue Cherche-Midi with my new lingerie and my freshly styled hair. I feel as though I am 41 not 61. This part of the experience is probably unfathomable to Monsieur and my brother. Oh, I don't know how I'm going to leave. But tomorrow is Prague.


  1. Yes! I had a lovely visit to Laure Sokol with a girlfriend year before last -- they're really helpful and carry such pretty undies!


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