Prague Spring!

The view from my hotel room.
Here I am in Prague.  I left rue Cherche-Midi at 10:00 am and got to the hotel at about 5:30. The flight is only 1 hour 20 minutes. A lot of time spent waiting at Charles de Gaulle Airport. But when you're alone, you always meet people. My taxi driver was Algerian and his sisters live in Canada. At the airport, I met Dan and Terri from Bend, Oregon, an area that Monsieur and I have visited during our outdoorsy holidays. We waited and chatted together. 

The Hotel Monastery in Prague is lovely. It is in a walled area of Church, parks, restaurants and cobblestones(the boulder kind). The taxi left me at the entrance to the walled area and I tried to pull my belongings up to the hotel. A nice young man took pity on me and pulled my cases the last bit of the way to the hotel. There's something about a 5'3'' woman pulling 5' of stacked suitcases over cobblestones!

Easyjet is a great little airline. I overestimated the weight of my bags. When you register online, they ask you to pay in advance. They seem very heavy to me so I overpaid. They upgraded my seat and boarded me first. The staff speak English and French and are friendly and efficient. You are allowed only 1 bag including purse in the cabin. But the price is very reasonable for travel within Europe.

It's sunny in Prague and the bells outside my window are calling me to explore my new neighbourhood.