Sister Day in Prague

Our view from the Bella Vista Restaurant, Prague
My sister arrived from Madrid on Sunday and was amazed at the beauty of the Strahov area. We went to the Bella Vista Restaurant that overlooks Prague. The restaurant which is about 150 metres from the Hotel Monastery has probably the best view of Prague. We had a Pilsner Urquell beer and goulash and dumplings. We never eat this at home.

This  morning we visited the Library of the monastery which I visited yesterday but I was eager to see it again. Then we walked around the Strahov area which is beautiful. The Loreta Church is spectacular.
We wandered through small shops and ate at a little outdoor restaurant. We lingered over trout, salmon in a lingo berry sauce and salad with some Czech wine.
The wine warmed us a bit.
Then it was time for us to move to our downtown hotel to join our cruise group. It turned out to be the Hilton instead of the Intercontinental as we were told. Our room is characterless and has no view and costs three times as much as the Monastery Hotel. Even wifi costs extra. We may take the tram back to Strahov for sightseeing because so far we find downtown Prague crowded and too touristy.


  1. What a happy -- and gorgeous! -- picture of the two of you! Prague sounds wonderful and while I'm disappointed for you re the move to the Hilton, I'm glad to see our preference for the budget hotels confirmed.


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