The Home of Great Music

The Czech Republic is the home of many great composers. Dvorak and Smetana are probably the most famous. During our stay in Prague, my sister and I attended two different kinds of concerts. The performers in each were accomplished and entertaining.
These ladies were very talented and entertaining.
On the first night of our tour, we visited the U Marancu Restaurant just outside of Prague. As an icebreaker activity, this excursion was successful. My more extroverted sister was up learning to dance the mazurka. The entertainers played traditional music from Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. They danced, they sang and they involved the audience in clapping, dancing,  and singing chorus responses.  The energy of the performers was impressive.

A window of the Prague Municipal House
The Prague Municipal House is an excellent example of Art Deco style architecture. We attended a chamber orchestra concert in the lower level of the hall. The group Prague Music provided a concert of Classical Music lasting about an hour. These small inexpensive concerts are a great way to learn about the culture of an area without paying a lot of money.