Daily life and Disasters

Daily living is not always exciting. This week, Vancouver finally got some sunshine and and I have fastened my step counter to my waistband and headed out of doors. Ducklings and young Canadian geese are learning survival skills in our local park.

 Monsieur is practising his music for a summer of playing at pool parties, outdoor markets and street festivals. He is visiting his new studio each day so that I have much-needed time for household tasks.  My mother has lived almost two weeks in an apartment and is looking forward to doing some gardening on her immense balcony. Her balcony is covered and almost as large as her living-room and dining-room. This area could be used as a very comfortable outdoor room for entertaining and container gardening.
No more clothes! However pretty, for whatever reason!

As for me, I am organizing and decluttering. I have too many clothes and I like most of them! They all fit and are maintained. I sew buttons, press and regularly check for stains so I can't cull on those grounds. Frequency of use is an issue. Although I have too many dress clothes for my retired life, I have some occasion to wear them. I go to opening night of the opera and enjoy ocean cruises with Monsieur. My mother, whose Presbyterian roots are evident, would just say "too much money." I vow to buy nothing this summer.
Three weeks ago on the Danube

Three weeks ago, I was cruising on the Danube River. We boarded our river boat, the AMA Dolce in Passau, Germany. Passau, located on three rivers, is renowned for its university, cathedral, and architecture. Right now, Passau is experiencing the worst flooding in 500 years. The flooding has caused deaths and serious damage to property. It only takes a flood, earthquake, or hurricane to put all those daily "problems" in perspective. We must appreciate the beauty around us and be thankful when our daily lives pass "without event".


  1. I love that, while folding clothes and settling back into a domestic routine, you are folding your experiences abroad into your daily life, allowing them to offer a much bigger perspective that shapes how you see each moment. I have been thinking, as well, about that flooding, recognizing how quickly lives can change . . .


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