Freshening Up

Yesterday, I freshened up my bedroom. Before the carpet cleaning man came, I cleared every surface, washed my painted furniture with warm soapy water, and dusted all the doors and blinds. While he was working, I washed ornaments, cleaned silver and sorted fashion jewellery into little organza bags.
Inexpensive box for jewellery
The carpets are still drying so my room is quite empty. Do I want a more simple look for summer? Shall I leave the cover off the quilt or just use my light summer blanket? Could I change the decorator cushions to a different colour for summer? Changing or eliminating a few items will create a fresh, new look.
Peacock Jewellery Dish

I have been adding a little turquoise or teal to each room to "change up" my cream, orange, brown palette. I don't want to buy a lot of décor items so I have been "shopping" my cupboards and the local import décor emporium. I'm fond of birds so I've been adding a few avian touches to my rooms for a cheery summer look.
Wire bird with potpourri

Just as I like to change my clothing, scent, hair, and diet as summer approaches, I enjoy making my apartment a little lighter and brighter during the summer months. If you live in an apartment without a garden, forest, or beach nearby, how do you bring a touch of these natural elements into your living space?
Small details brighten my neutral bedroom.