Janice MacLeod and Photo Collections

One of the first bloggers that I ever read was Janice Macleod, a Canadian living in Paris after quitting her job and embarking on a life of travel. Janice was a Canadian Living magazine "blog of the month"
last year. She is an artist whose blog features musings on life and some practical advice for those who would like to find and follow their bliss.
Arizona 2007

Janice wrote a post in April on e-spring cleaning. This involves organizing the photos on the computer and deleting most of them. Yesterday, I worked on this, creating albums of the best photos, creating a calendar for a friend and deleting many, many photos.
Seattle 2008

In our apartment, we have albums and boxes of photos. My mother is in the process of weeding 60+ years of meticulously organized albums. Monsieur has organized our common digital photos and plays them on our big television.
Puerto Escondido 2011

Okanagan Wine-tasting 2012
What do you do with a lifetime of photos? My daughter would not be thrilled to receive thousands of photos of Monsieur and my camping days. Family photos are interesting if you know who the people are. I still have a lot of work to do in decluttering and organizing my belongings.
Camino de Santiago de Compostella 2012