Lazing Down the River

Sunday morning, Maman and I went to church for swimming lessons. Not really! The sermon was about relaxing and having faith that the water (or God) will support you. The more you flail or struggle, the more likely it is that you will drown. You can not change the course of the river or even always avoid the rapids but it is faith that will provide you with the buoyancy to survive. The water is always stronger and more persistent than the swimmer.

I didn't grow up with this faith. I still partially believe that, if I work harder or try to understand better, things will be different. That is obviously a ridiculous notion. Only when we can let go of the notion of struggle or even intellectual understanding, will we be supported by the river. Do you remember learning the Dead Man's Float? My dad taught us to swim in Okanagan Lake and he was totally unafraid of water. He could jump out of the boat mid-lake and help the flailing little girl straighten her water-skis. He was always telling me that I was "rolling" when I swam and was wasting energy.  I'm not doing missionary work but, if you want to listen to to this sermon, it seemed relevant to many of us who are dealing with challenges: changing lives, illness, ageing, or family troubles. Perhaps the Dead Man's Float was all I really ever had to learn.

Sunday afternoon, Monsieur and I went to a barbecue where his new band, The Surfrajets, played for the first time before an audience. Monsieur, has been playing music for more than 50 years. He was the bass player for a well known local band, Kentish Steele and the Shantelles when he was a teen.  I have spent quite a lot of time as one of those superfluous entities called a "band wife". Bands, singing partners and venues change quickly in the music world. I had never met this group but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The band members and their partners were amiable and the neighbours had been invited so there was no problem with the volume.

I am getting tired of trying to take pictures of myself. Monsieur found the same fuzzy focus problem with my camera as I experienced in Europe. Finally, we were able to get some photos but I really have to relax and stop flailing in front of the camera. Anyway, I am linking with Visible Monday for the 100th post.

Going for my morning walk.


  1. Looking lovely for your walk, and how great that your husband is still in the band! Thanks for sharing it all with Visible Monday.


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