Looking out for Number One

I have always been an "easy-going" individual who basically likes to stay out of trouble. The adjective "conscientious" was often used to describe me on report cards. I was the girl who always did the homework and who never skipped class.  Probably, I was a "nerdy girl" but that's perfectly okay with me. I did my requisite rebelling, quit university, and made the necessary "unwise" choices to emerge a more or less mature differentiated human being. I am not the same as my brothers and sister. In fact, sometimes I feel so "not the same", that I need to spend time with myself away from "family ties."

Monsieur and I are so dissimilar that he claims that we are from different planets. But Monsieur and I are intellectual equals which counts for a lot. When I say that someone does not know a Hohenzollern from a Hapsburg, Monsieur knows what I am talking about. I have absolutely no sense of rhythm while Monsieur hails from a family of barbershoppers. However,  I know all the lyrics from any Rodgers and Hammerstein musical.Monsieur sees no problem in practising or hanging out until late at night and I, descendent of Presbyterians, figure that if it's not done before ten o'clock, it's not worth doing.

Another photo booth picture
So how do I preserve me? I do not want to conform to the restrictive mores of my family. I am too Presbyterian to accept the lifestyle of Monsieur. I am just me. I love to see new places and to learn new things. If they don't speak another language, it's not worth visiting. The choices of life  are difficult but how do we make them?

To my way of thinking, we think of offering support to others in a fashion that is true unto ourselves, We can't explain ourselves to others but if we listen to our own feelings, we'll do alright.


  1. I think the best marriages are those where the spouses can accept and roll with their differences, though I do think shared values and ethics are crucial. One of the beauties of this stage of life is having developed enough inner strength to not be swayed by that which doesn't feel right.


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