My Canadian Favourites

The population of Canada is one tenth that of our neighbour to the south, the United States of America. Much of our television, film and music comes from the U.S.A. but on a driving trip with Monsieur this winter, I found women's clothing with Canadian labels in shops in Sedona and San Diego. My cousin(the Dancing Queen) and I were attracted to a shop in Paris only to find that what we were looking at was Joseph Ribkoff, a women's line manufactured in Dorval, Québec.  My mother has a cousin with a shop in  Lerwick, Shetland Islands and she stocks Canadian-made clothing.Yes, there is Canadian fashion and it travels the globe.

My favourite summer skirt is a brown, easy to wear cotton knit from Neon Buddha, a Canadian company that is developing ethical manufacturing in Thailand. Three hundred women receive maternity leave, paid health care, and free English classes for all family members. The casual, "yoga style" clothing is excellent for travel and my skirt is one of my basic summer pieces. I was amazed to see Neon Buddha in Arizona, California and Oregon. Obviously, the line which also comes in women's sizes is a favourite with active retirees and "snowbirds" (Canadians who winter in the warmer U.S. states.)
I love this skirt. Top by Joseph Ribkoff.

In my home, I like to have  comfortable, attractive clothing to wear while I am reading, writing or watching a movie. For many years, I have chosen Diamond Tea Gowns because they are elegant and well-made. I wash mine frequently, hang to dry and wear them until they wear out. Right now, I have a luxurious black velvet robe for winter and a turquoise and brown animal print caftan for summer. Diamond Tea gowns have been manufactured in Québec for sixty years.

My cousin loves to go tango dancing and I cruise often with Monsieur. We both enjoy the Joseph Ribkoff for evening and dressier events. The black skirt with many different tops is my essential piece for resorts and cruises where I "dress" for dinner. Chocolate brown is "my black" and my brown jersey dress is my favourite "dress up" piece to be worn with pearls on any formal evening. I have a couple of evening jackets that can be worn to change my dress a bit.
Joseph Ribkoff black skirt with one of many possible tops.

I have been wearing clothing from these manufacturers for a few years. I didn't choose them because they were Canadian but because they produced a product that suited my age and lifestyle. Their durability has provided good value for my clothing dollar. In these times, we must also consider working conditions in clothing factories.  I do not want to be indirectly responsible for the exploitation of women and children in order that I might have inexpensive clothing.


  1. I haven't owned pieces by Joseph Ribkoff for years, but had a few favourite pieces in my 20s. Good to know the company is still around.


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