Summer Bright!

I love my misty French bedroom
I have been transforming my soft  creamy white and Balboa Mist bedroom into a quite different room for the summer. I love the relaxing blues, cremes and greiges but I need a boost right now so I am creating a  bright tropical garden room.  I started with a thorough cleaning of carpets, furniture, blinds and woodwork.

Next, I bought some inexpensive décor items mostly in turquoise and teal. I thought exotic birds and  vibrant colours. As this is a temporary transformation, I don't want to spend very much money

My bedroom furniture was  repainted and distressed a few years ago.
While I was out shopping, I found just the right (colourful and inexpensive) coverlet and shams (less than $70).
This is a bright, cheerful change.
I put décor accessories and artwork away for future use but I make sure that I go through it periodically to cull and recycle items that I no longer "connect with".
I put this collage picture away a few years ago. Good colours. Nice reflection too!
I wanted birds in my garden and look what Maman just recycled to me.
With my turquoise candles, birds, and coverlet, my exotic new garden bedroom is just about complete. Tomorrow, I shall buy some splashy, pink peonies to complete my room. It's always fun to shop your cupboards and those of family members to decorate a room! You may find most of what you need without spending a dime.


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