After the Road Trip

Liberty Bell Mountain in the North Cascades
I have had a cold since our road trip last week. After having worked with children for 25 years, I have such an immunity that I am almost never sick. I retired with a 200 sick days left in my account. But, this week, my nose has run, my face has ached and my energy has dwindled. When I was a child, illness was discouraged. If we stayed home from school, there was no TV or anything remotely like fun.

This week, I edited some photos that I took with my new camera, attended a culinary event with my sister and attended the Music at the Cannery on Friday night. I have hardly walked and I am generally lethargic.
Diablo Lake North Cascades
Monsieur and I love our road-trips. There are so many places to see in the Pacific Coast of North America. I prefer islands and the Olympic Peninsula while M. loves mountains and forests. I enjoy a bookstore to browse and some art to look at.  A healthy restaurant is an added attraction for me while gas station grub is Monsieur's travel food of preference. Natural scenery and physical challenges are passions of le mari.

We like to visit Fairhaven near Bellingham.
For many years, we have stopped at Village Books in Fairhaven where we browse and usually have a meal at the Colophon Café before returning home. I am buying fewer books because of storage issues and trade with others or read on the Kobo a lot. Right now, I am reading Excellent Women  by Barbara Pym. I learned of this book about a month ago from Ciao Domenica where there are often lists that feature the quiet and quotidian British novels that I find relaxing.