The Why of It

Patti at Not Dead Yet Style posed an interesting question about modesty and fashion in her last post.  I thought about how we make our clothing choices. Some cultures have prescribed levels of modesty and some clothing is considered more appropriate for certain ages. Peer groups, activity choices and body shape certainly play a role in our clothing choices. Why do we wear what we wear?

Walking home from the greengrocer, I passed a girl with hot pink and purple hair (must have been a wig). It seemed to me that girl wanted to attract attention but it is possible that she loves purple and pink. When a woman shows a lot of her body, is she hoping to attract new sexual partners or is she just more comfortable wearing fewer clothes? As we get older and our bodies change, do we in fact gain more freedom to express ourselves with our clothing?

I considered my clothing choices today. It is warm so I decided to go to the pool for a bit: one piece bathing suit from Laure Sokol (the French make very nice maillots pour les femmes d'un certain âge), Pretty Woman sundress on top as a coverup and flip-flops. I chose these clothes because I like black and turquoise together and as an older woman, I feel more comfortable at a shared pool with a coverup of some sort.
I'm comfortable at the pool.
This afternoon, the apartment is warm and I am preparing une salade niçoise for Maman as Monsieur is out to a rehearsal. I put on an oversized sage green linen dress, coral bangles and a pair of espadrilles. I like the colour because I have changeable Celtic eyes, the bangles are fun and my $7 espadrilles can be slipped on and off easily.

Perhaps we just choose our clothing because we feel happy and comfortable in certain styles. When I feel content with my appearance, I smile and say "hello" to everyone that I meet and generally my day goes along pleasantly. It could be that a smile and "hello" or "bonjour" are our most attractive fashion accessories.

This weekend, after the pool, I'll be visiting Patti for visible Monday.


  1. I visited that Laure Sokol shop (near St Paul village, right?) a couple of years ago, shopping with a girlfriend.
    I love your colours here . . . cool and refreshing against this string of hot sunny days we're enjoying

  2. Interesting post. I like your colour choice. I am more comfortable with my clothes as I get older. I know what I like and what suits me, not always but more often. It is a good feeling to put on some clothes and think 'this is me', I'm comfortable and happy. It is not the clothes but the choice.

    This summer is wonderful isn't it ? We have not had one for a few years, not like the one we're having this year. Shorts, t shirts, birkenstocks. Lovely.

  3. What pretty swimwear. I hardly go swimming at all anymore but I still prefer a maillot...mine have always been in black. Yours is such beautiful fabric.

    Thank you for the suggestion on the Kingsolver book, I am going to try and find it at the library. I usually enjoy her books but I hadn't heard of this one.

  4. this made my day: "It could be that a smile and "hello" or "bonjour" are our most attractive fashion accessories." : > love your suit, and your thoughts on modesty. thank you for sharing it with Visible Monday and enjoy the swimming!


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