Thoughts on Growing Older

My mother and I just came back from a mini-vacation in Laconner, a small town surrounded by farms and flowers in Washington state. Like Monsieur and me, my parents loved to visit small towns along the Pacific Coast. Whether it was exploring Vancouver Island with friends who had retired in Nanoose Bay or roaming like gypsies in their van down the coast as far as Sonoma, my parents travelled extensively.
Bird houses on Whidbey Island

My mum, who in the latter years, drove the van, packed and unpacked the bags and listened to the endless lectures of concerned offspring regarding health insurance and the wisdom of taking dad for "one more trip" likes to remember those times. It must be very difficult when the partner who shared your adventures is no longer there. In her new apartment, there is little room for the treasures collected on many journeys or for the photo albums that she compiled to commemorate each year of retirement.

We stayed at The Wild Iris in Laconner where we had a flowery "chick" room and delicious healthy breakfasts. We toured about Whidbey Island visiting places where mum and dad used to frequent. We shopped, ate, drank wine and watched DVD's in the evening. My mum put off having a knee operation  while my dad was sick so sometimes walking was difficult for her.

Right now, at 61, I am healthy but we will all experience the physical and mental frailties of age. I have the time, the financial resources, a husband and daughter, and many friends to lead a full life. But, some day, the inevitable losses of dwindling time and departed loved ones will be part of my reality.
I can walk in lovely places near my home.

Today, Monsieur will wear his floral shirt and go to play music at the Garden Room in the Extended Care Unit. My dad would be looking in the greenhouse for the first tomatoes. Even the frail elderly enjoy music and sunshine and gardens. This evening, Monsieur and I will go to the free music at the Cannery. I am packing for an Okanagan trip to a 65th birthday and then a few days in the Methow Valley. Monsieur loves the mountains and I, without my computer, will read "Flight Behaviour" by Barbara Kingsolver and work on my stitchery that I bought in Paris.
Monsieur and I will have the "cowboy" room in Mazama.


  1. How lucky you are to have this time with your mom, and she to have you take her on another adventure. I hadn't heard of Mazama until you mentioned it in your comment on my post -- looks as if it's across the border from Oliver and Osoyoos, and it must be lovely there.
    Did you buy your stitchery at that wonderful little shop just near the Seine, round the corner from all the libraires and small press shops? I picked up two kits myself and hope to get working on them soon.

  2. Les Tapisseries de la Bûcherie is the place. I bought three Paris miniature kits and want to frame them as a memento of my time in Paris. We discovered Mazama by chance about 20 years ago and found it a little known gem with outdoor activities, markets, music festivals and unexpectedly good restaurants nearby.

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